#WinterABC Final Day: Appreciation Letter

Dear Afrobloggers, Let me start by saying I’m dissecting Afrobloggers into two groups i.e the Afrobloggers who are the mind behind the WinterABC challenge. It was my first ever Afrobloggers challenge and also the very first blogging challenge ever. (I like to call it a retreat) I’m lucky to have clicked the follow option onContinue reading “#WinterABC Final Day: Appreciation Letter”

#WinterABC Day 18 : Camping Nightmare

It’s day 18 of 22 which means this beautiful journey is coming to an end. Creative writing is the theme of today specifically forming a story with the line “By the time he woke up, I was dying….” The stories I’ve read are amazing and here is a two page novel excerpt from my mind.Continue reading “#WinterABC Day 18 : Camping Nightmare”

#WinterABC Day 17 : Of Current Affairs

After a whole day of thinking i decided to sit this one out. There’s so much going on in the world that you’d expect me to have a lot to say on current affairs. We have issues we would like to share but how to put that in words that will not come off asContinue reading “#WinterABC Day 17 : Of Current Affairs”

Proverbs In Vernacular

FUN FACT: My father is an Etesot and my mother is a Muganda. This makes me half and half but due to male dominance i’ll introduce myself as an Iteso. Luckily i got a Kiganda name, Suubi which means Hope. Today i’ll share with you a couple of proverbs from both tribes some of whichContinue reading “Proverbs In Vernacular”

Of Social Media Accounts I Love and Why

Today’s topic is interesting. It’s like a step further getting to know something about all the amazing bloggers I’ve met thus far. Here are four of other amazing accounts that I follow on the socials. Pearls For Her (PFH) I love entrepreneurship and being a career woman. PFH is an amazing platform that was createdContinue reading “Of Social Media Accounts I Love and Why”

Lessons on Social Media

Social media for most people is a space to participate in social networking but it has rapidly grown into a platform for content creators to share and engage their specific users. Specific because every social media platform has its own niche and it’s the same trend the creatives making the most of social media haveContinue reading “Lessons on Social Media”