#WinterABC Day 15 : It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

The prompt for Day 15 was writing about something close to my heart. They are quite a number actually so choosing one was hard. Infact on this day everyone was busy writing their hearts out and all I could do was read. The week had been tough and I had all these obligations to meet,Continue reading “#WinterABC Day 15 : It’s Okay Not to Be Okay”

#WinterABC Day 14 Let’s Get Cultural

My inconsistency the last two weeks is embarrassing. I apologize truly and will not give up because i pledged to this. Day 14’s topic was about sharing a cultural aspect from my country or community. Belonging to two tribes should have given me the upper hand on what to share but that’s just another embarrassmentContinue reading “#WinterABC Day 14 Let’s Get Cultural”

Proverbs In Vernacular

FUN FACT: My father is an Etesot and my mother is a Muganda. This makes me half and half but due to male dominance i’ll introduce myself as an Iteso. Luckily i got a Kiganda name, Suubi which means Hope. Today i’ll share with you a couple of proverbs from both tribes some of whichContinue reading “Proverbs In Vernacular”

Of Social Media Accounts I Love and Why

Today’s topic is interesting. It’s like a step further getting to know something about all the amazing bloggers I’ve met thus far. Here are four of other amazing accounts that I follow on the socials. Pearls For Her (PFH) I love entrepreneurship and being a career woman. PFH is an amazing platform that was createdContinue reading “Of Social Media Accounts I Love and Why”